CS:GO Resetscore Plugin

CS:GO Resetscore Plugin


Plugin to reset your score in CS:GO with many funny features.


Edit this in abner_resetscore.cfg that will automatically created in [cfg/sourcemod/] after the first run, if you have installed an older version delete your abner_resetscore.cfg and reload the plugin or change the map.

sm_resetscore 1/0 – Enable or disable the plugin
sm_resetscore_public 1/0 – Enable or disable public messages when player reset.
sm_resetscore_savescores 1/0 – Save scores when players retry.
sm_resetscore_cost “amount” – If you want charge money by reset, 0 to disable.

Player Commands

!rs or !resetscore: Reset your score (/rs and /resetscore works too).

Admin Fun Commands

sm_setscore <name or #userid> <Kills> <Deaths><Stars>: Set a custom score to a player (CSS)
sm_setscore <name or #userid> <Kills> <Deaths><Assists><Stars><Points>: Set a custom score to a player (CSGO)
sm_resetplayer <name or #userid>: Resetscore of a player.
sm_setpoints<name or #userid><points>: Set a custom number of points to a player. (CSGO)
sm_setstars<name or #userid><stars>: Set a custom number of MVP stars to a player.
sm_setassists<name or #userid><assists>: Set a custom number of assists to a player (CS:GO).

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