CS:GO Advanced Commands Plugin

CS:GO Advanced Commands Plugin


Created an other advanced admin commands plugin, so.
This one is full support CSGO.

Thanks for original command authors: Super Commands (pRED*), Super Admin (TechKnow), Adv Commands (xaider), and for original custom adminmenu list (Dungeon).


sm_advanced_admin_cmd_admins <def. 1> – Settings of !admins command, 0 – disable, 1 – show fake online admins, 2 – show true online admins
(Example below.)

sm_advanced_admin_join_announce <def. 1>
– Join announce if someone join your server with country, 0 – disable, 1 – enable
(Example if enabled: PeEzZ connected (Hungary), or if can’t request the country: PeEzZ connected)

sm_advanced_admin_invalid_message <def. 1> – If you give invalid item, then show it for all player, 0 – disable, 1 – enable
(Example: If you type “sm_give Bart Bacon” and this cvar is enabled, then this shows for all players this: “Bart got this: Bacon”)

sm_advanced_admin_spawn_sound <def. “player/pl_respawn.wav”>Teleport and respawn sound. Leave blank to disable. Custom sounds not supported.

sm_advanced_admin_log <def. 1> – Enable logging for plugin, 0 – disable, 1 – enable


Admin commands:

sm_extend <minutes> – Extending the map, ADMFLAG_CHANGEMAP
(Example: sm_extend 10 – add 10 minutes to map | sm_extend -10 – deprive 10 minutes from map)

– Deleting all dropped weapons from map, ADMFLAG_GENERIC
(Example: If you have lag by weapon dropping trolls, you can delete all weapons on ground)

sm_restartgame or sm_rg or sm_restartround or sm_rr <amount> – Restart the game, ADMFLAG_GENERIC
(Example: sm_rg 10 – Restarts the game after 10 seconds | sm_rg – Restarts the game immediately)

sm_teleport or sm_tp <target 1> <leave blank for savedlocation | target 2> – Teleporting a player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_tp Bart PeEzZ – teleporting Bart to PeEzZ | sm_tp Bart – Teleporting Bart to your saved position)

– Saving your position for teleport, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: Type sm_saveloc (!saveloc), walk elsewhere, and type sm_teleport @me (!teleport @me) – You teleported back to position you saved)

sm_team <target> <TeamID | SPEC | SPECTATOR | T | CT> – Set team of player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_team @me t – Change my team to terrorists)

sm_spec <target> – Set player team to spectator, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_spec @me – Set my team to spectators)

sm_swap <target>
– Swap player’s team, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_swap @me – If your team is T, its change your team to CT | sm_swap @all – To swap all player)

sm_scramble or sm_balance – Scrambling the teams, ADMFLAG_KICK

sm_give <target> <leave blank for knife | weapon name | thing name> – Give weapons or something to player, ADMFLAG_BAN(Available weapon names below)
(Example: sm_give @me m4a1 – Give me one M4A1 | Or you can give fake items for users: sm_give Bart Bacon – this just only say to clients “[SM] Bart got this: Bacon”
if cvar is enabled | sm_give @me – Give me one knife)

sm_equip or sm_melee <target> <leave blank for knife | weapon name | thing name> – Deleting all weapons from player and equip one, ADMFLAG_BAN(Available weapon names below)
(Example: sm_melee @me – Equip me one knife | Or you can equip fake items for users: sm_equip Bart Bacon – this just only say to clients “[SM] Bart equipped this: Bacon” if cvar is enabled
| sm_give @me ak47 – Equip me one AK47)

sm_valid_weapons – Show valid giveable weapon names, ADMFLAG_GENERIC
(Example: This command say the available weapon names into your console,
available weapon names below)

sm_disarm <target>
– Disarm a player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_disarm @t – Disarm all players in terrorist team)

sm_bury <target>
– Bury a player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_bury Bart – Bury Bart)

sm_unbury <target>
– Unbury a player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_unbury Bart – Unbury Bart)

sm_speed <target> <amount>
– Set speed of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_speed @me 1 – set my speed to normal | sm_speed @me 2 – set my speed to 2X)

sm_respawn <target>
– Respawn a player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_respawn @me – You respawned yourself)

sm_god <target> <0/1> – Set godmode of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_god @me 1 – Give godmode for me | sm_god @me 0 – Remove god from me)

or sm_hp <target> <amount> – Set health of player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_hp @me 100 – Set my hp to 100 | sm_hp @me +100 – Give me +100 health point | sm_hp @me -100 deprive 100 hp from me)

sm_armour <target> <amount>
– Set armour of player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_armour @me 100 – Set my armour to 100 | sm_armour @me +100 – Give me +100 armour point | sm_armour @me -100 deprive 100 armour from me)

sm_helmet <target> <0/1>
– Set helmet of player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_helmet @me 1 – Give helmet for me | sm_helmet @me 0 – Remove my helmet)

sm_cash <target> <amount>
– Set cash of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_cash @me 100 – Set my cash to $100 | sm_cash @me +100 – Give me +$100 | sm_armour @me -100 deprive $100 from me)

or sm_frags <target> <amount> – Set kills of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_kills @me 100 – Set my kills to 100 | sm_kills @me +100 – Give me +100 kills point | sm_kills @me -100 deprive 100 kills from me)

sm_assists <target> <amount>
– Set assists of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_assists @me 100 – Set my assists to 100 | sm_assists @me +100 – Give me +100 assist point | sm_assists @me -100 deprive 100 assists from me)

sm_deaths <target> <amount>
– Set deaths of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_deaths @me 100 – Set my deaths to 100 | sm_deaths @me +100 – Give me +100 death point | sm_deaths @me -100 deprive 100 deaths from me)

sm_mvps <target> <amount>
– Set MVPs of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_mvps @me 100 – Set my mvps to 100 | sm_mvps @me +100 – Give me +100 mvp point | sm_mvps @me -100 deprive 100 mvps from me)

sm_scores <target> <amount>
– Set scores of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_scores @me 100 – Set my scores to 100 | sm_scores @me +100 – Give me +100 score | sm_scores @me -100 deprive 100 scores from me)

sm_teamscores <TeamID | T | CT> <amount> – Set scores of team, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_teamscores T 10 – Set terrorists scores to 10 | sm_teamscores CT +10 – Give +100 score to counter-terrorists | sm_teamscores T -10 deprive 10 scores from terrorists)


Non-Admin commands:

sm_admins – Show online admins
(Example: if “sm_advanced_admin_cmd_admins” is “0” this say “This command is disabled”, if “1” this say “No admins online.”, if this is “2” say the true online admin’s names with flags – “Online admins: [A]Bart, [R]PeEzZ”)
Flags: [A] – have generic admin flag, [R] – have root admin flag.
For players have generic admin flag, this command say always the true online admins.

Available weapon names:

“defuser”, “c4”, “knife”, “knifegg”, “taser”, “healthshot”, //misc
“decoy”, “flashbang”, “hegrenade”, “molotov”, “incgrenade”, “smokegrenade”, “tagrenade”, //grenades
“usp_silencer”, “glock”, “tec9”, “p250”, “hkp2000”, “cz75a”, “deagle”, “revolver”, “fiveseven”, “elite”, //pistoles
“nova”, “xm1014”, “sawedoff”, “mag7”, “m249”, “negev”, //heavy weapons
“mp9”, “mp7”, “ump45”, “p90”, “bizon”, “mac10”, //smgs
“ak47”, “aug”, “famas”, “sg556”, “galilar”, “m4a1”, “m4a1_silencer”, //rifles
“awp”, “ssg08”, “scar20”, “g3sg1” //snipers

– Latest, Stable SourceMod
– Adminmenu plugin, if you want to use “adminmenu_custom.txt”
– Translation files (“common.phrases.txt”, “advanced_admin.phrases.txt”)

The plugin is now out from beta version, but still may have bugs.
If you want add some other command, suggest here. (it’s not wish list)
Not for troll admins.
– File “adminmenu_custom.txt” is not needed, but optional.
– You can set admin activity chat messages in “cfg/sourcemod/sourcemod.cfg” > “sm_show_activity”
– If your server’s default language is set to another, you need to create translation file to this plugin, or maybe you cannot use logging becouse you get errors!created an other advanced admin commands plugin, so.

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