CS:GO Auto Respawn Plugin

CS:GO Auto Respawn Plugin

Autorespawn for CS:GO


sm_autorespawn_enabled – Autorespawn’s enabled? [1]
sm_autorespawn_time – Time to wait before autorespawn. [Float] [0.0 – Instant] [0.0]
sm_autorespawn_message – Message the player that he will respawn? [1]
sm_autorespawn_version – Autorespawn’s version
mp_ignore_round_win_conditions – Make the round last for ever? [Recommended!] [Not a part from Autorespawn.] [0]

Advanced Auto Respawn

Advanced auto respawn is a plugin that I made for my friend’s fun server but can be used on any other server and for any other modes.
/sm_ar – opens the ar menu
On the menu:
Enable ar until turn off
Enable ar for 30 seconds
Enable ar for 1 minute
Enable ar for 5 minute.
Disable ar.

This plugin comes with godmode for 5 seconds on respawn(for maps that kills on the spawn)

[button url=”https://yadi.sk/d/loxCr0eL32CgjV”]Download[/button]

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