CS:GO Deathmatch Plugin

CS:GO Deathmatch Plugin


Main Features

  • Weapon Menu
  • Loadout Style
  • Free For All (FFA)
  • Client Preferences
  • Workshop Map Support
  • Display Panel for Damage
  • Different Game Modes:
    • Headshot Only
    • Primary Weapons Only
    • Secondary Weapons Only
    • Random Weapons Only
  • No Knife Damage (Guns Only)
  • Objective Removal (C4/Hostage)
  • Spawn Editor, Menu, and Statistics
  • Fast Weapon Equip
  • Replenish Grenades
  • Replenish Ammo & Clip
  • Hide Radar for Players
  • Hide Award and Grenade Messages
  • Kill Reward (HP/AP/Ammo/Grenades)
  • Line of Sight Spawning
  • 3rd Party Knife Plugin Support
  • Multi-Language Support
    • English Supported
    • Spanish Supported
    • French Supported
    • Polish Supported
    • Brazilian Supported
    • German Supported


Features to Add

  • Integrated Stats (ELO)
  • Team Selective Spawns



  • dm_spawn_menu – Opens the spawn point menu.
  • dm_respawn_all – Respawns all players.
  • dm_stats – Displays spawn statistics.
  • dm_reset_stats – Resets spawn statistics.




This plugin is tested on the following Sourcemod & Metamod Versions.



  • Extract zip file and place files in the corresponding directories of /addons/sourcemod
  • /configs/deathmatch/deathmatch.ini
  • /configs/deathmatch/spawns/*.txt
  • /plugins/deathmatch.smx
  • /scripting/deathmatch.sp (necessary only for compiling)

[button url=”https://github.com/Maxximou5/csgo-deathmatch/archive/refs/heads/master.zip”]Download[/button]

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