CS:GO ESL Admin Plugin

CS:GO ESL Admin Plugin

After the latest updates, there were errors in the optional of ConVar mp_teammates_are_enemies (player glow stopped working in CS: GO)
I found a ConVar sv_competitive_official_5v5 ,which was a substitute, but it worked only in spectators. The solution for implementing of ConVar in T and CT commands was SendProxy Manager and the change of m_iTeamNum.
Plugin enables glow on all players

Its necessary to set up cvar sv_parallel_packentities with 0 in config of the server

The plugin is completely stable and does not cause server crashes.


-This is fully compatible with Admin all spectate by Dr!fter
-There is no load on the server.

SendProxy Manager

sm_esl_adminesp_flag // The flag of the player to access the ESP
sm_esl_adminesp_weapons_glow_on_ground // Enable glow weapons on ground

X key in spectators | On/off
or spec_show_xray 1/0 | On/off

Completely disabling the server, unpack the contents of the archive into the csgo folder

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