CS:GO Flashlight Plugin

CS:GO Flashlight Plugin

CS:GO Flashlight.
Since valve technically removed it for some stupid command to look at your gun skin, server owners can put this on their server to replace that command with a flashlight.

sm_flashlight: (bind t sm_flashlight) this is a secondary command for player to bind.

A config is made also in cfg/sourcemod/ folder.
sm_flashlight_lookatweapon: (def 1) disables the hook of +lookatweapon.
sm_flashlight_return: (def 0) determines whether to ignore the command completely or to continue the command.
sm_flashlight_sound: (def “items/flashlight1.wav”) The sound the flashlight makes when toggled (default included)
sm_flashlight_sound_all: (def 1) Will the sound be played to all players?

Convar: (cont)

1. If you want to have the +lookatweapon to still work and not turn on flashlight, and just have the command: sm_flashlight, set the following cvars to these values: (no need to set return to anything cause the cvar is skipped due to the fact lookatweapon cvar is checked first in the hook.

sm_flashlight_lookatweapon 0


2. If you want to have +lookatweapon still look at the weapon and turn on the flashlight use this config:

sm_flashlight_lookatweapon 1
sm_flashlight_return 1


3. The third option is my favorite cause it replaces a command i never use (+lookatweapon) which is the default variables. Uses this config.

sm_flashlight_lookatweapon 1
sm_flashlight_return 0

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