CS:GO No Dupe Account

CS:GO No Dupe Account

No Dupe Account (NDA)

Prevents players from joining the server if they have a duplicate or recent account.

How does it work?

You can set a combination of factors, including (for now):

  • CS:GO Level
  • CS:GO active profile Coin
  • Prime status (Requires SteamWorks)
  • CS:GO Playtime (Requires SteamWorks)
  • VPN (Requires SteamWorks)
  • Steam Level (Requires SteamWorks)
  • Steam Account Age (Requires SteamWorks)
  • Steam Bans (Requires SteamWorks)


Additional features:

  • Discord integration through webhooks (no bot needed, fast setup). Requires Discord API by Deathknife
  • English and French languages supported! (Translation support)
  • sm_nda (or !nda | /nda) command that displays a menu with a list of infos, including connected players using a VPN [default flag: ‘d’]
  • A database system that acts like a ‘cache’ (supports both MySQL and SQLite!)
  • sm_checkmepls (or !checkmepls| /checkmepls) command that forces a new verification on you, only useful for testing without having to disconnect [default flag: ‘z’]
  • Will be updated



How to install

  • Download the latest release zip (sm-no-dupe-account-X.X.X.zip) and drag and drop every folder in addons/sourcemod/
  • (OPTIONAL – SteamWorks) Download the SteamWorks zip (optional-SteamWorks-X.X.X.zip) and drag and drop every folder in addons/sourcemod/
  • (OPTIONAL – DiscordAPI) Download the DiscordAPI zip (optional-DiscordAPI-X.X.X.zip) and drag and drop every folder in addons/sourcemod/ – Requires SteamWorks as well

(X-X-X is the latest NDA version, not the latest version of each plugin/dependency)

Disclaimer: To get the latest version of dependencies, you should download them directly from their post/github repo instead of getting them here, though I’ll do my best to keep them updated.

I don’t understand what is a ‘check’?

In this plugin, a ‘check’ works like this:

  • If user passed none of the checks, kick him
  • If user passed at least 1 check, allow him
  • The kick punishment will apply once all checks are done

Some methods can also be set to ‘kick’ mode, in this case, if the verification is not passed, the player will be kicked, even if he passed at least 1 check


For maximum efficiency, use SourceSleuth (ban duplicate accounts based on their IP) if you use SourceBans++

[button url=”https://github.com/azalty/sm-no-dupe-account/archive/refs/heads/main.zip”]Download[/button]


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