CS:GO Prop Hunt Mod Plugin

CS:GO Prop Hunt Mod Plugin

Prop Hunt

The game begins with a countdown: Counter-Terrorists, the seekers, are blinded and cannot move. During this time Terrorists, the hiders,
choose a world model and try to hide themselves amongst the rubble of de_dust2 the map being played.

Once the countdown is over, the seekers try to find and kill the hiders. Much like regular old hide and seek from our youth,
if not for all the ungodly transforming into toilets and murdering.


Chat Commands

  • /rules – Show instructions on how to play.
  • /hide /prop /model – Opens a menu with different models to choose as a hider.
  • /tp /third /thirdperson – Toggles thirdperson view for hiders
  • /whistle – Plays a random sound from the hider’s position to give the seekers a hint.
  • /whoami – Displays the current model description in chat.
  • /freeze – Toggles freezed state for hiders.
  • /ct – Requests a switch to the seeking side.



  • Here on/off means a variable accepts the values 1 (on) and 0 (off).
  • The notation 0+ means a variable accepts integer values greater than or equal to 0, such as 0, 1, 255
  • The notation 0.0+ again means a variable accepts floating point values greater than or equal to 0, such as 0, 0.5, 1, 19.24…
  • 0-2 means a variable accepts integer numbers greater than or equal to 0, and smaller than or equal to 2, namely 0, 1 and 2.
  • String means a variable accepts strings.

Any additional terminological magic you might encounter below should be possible to be deduced from the rules above.


ph_freezects on/off    Freeze and blind seekers on round start
ph_freezetime 0+  Amount of time the seekers are freezed
ph_changelimit 0+  Number of times a hider is allowed to change his model
ph_changelimittime 0.0+  Amount of time a hider is allowed to change his model
ph_autochoose on/off   Choose random models for hiders at round start
ph_whistle on/off   Allow hiders to whistle
ph_whistle_times 0+  Number of times a hider is allowed to whistle (per round)
ph_whistle_seeker on/off   Allow seekers to enforce hiders to whistle
ph_hider_win_fargs 0-10  Number of kills surviving hiders receive on round end
ph_slay_seekers on/off   Slay all seekers on round end if alive hiders remain
ph_hp_seeker_enable on/off   Seekers lose damage when firing anything not-hider
ph_hp_seeker_dec 0+   Amount of hp a seeker loses on shooting
ph_hp_seeker_inc 0+   Amount of hp a seeker gains when shooting a hider
ph_hp_seeker_inc_shotgun 0+   Amount of hp a seeker gains when shooting a hider with a shotgun
ph_hp_seeker_bonus 0+   Amount of hp a seeker gains when killing a hider
ph_hiderspeed 0.5+  Hiders’ movement speed
ph_disable_ducking on/off    Disable ducking (crouching)
ph_auto_thirdperson on/off   Set thirdperson view for hiders automatically on round start
ph_hider_freeze_mode 0-2   Set the /freeze command behaviour – 0: disable the command, 1: freeze on position, 2: freeze completely (no camera movements)
ph_hide_blood on/off   Hide hiders’ blood when taking damage
ph_show_help on/off   Show helpmenu explaining the game on first player spawn
ph_ct_ratio 0+   The ratio of hiders to 1 seeker – 0: disable team balance
ph_disable_use on/off   Disable seekers’ use key
ph_hider_freeze_inair on/off   Allow hiders to freeze in the air
ph_hide_player_locations on/off   Hide location shown next to a player’s name on voice chat and teamsay
ph_auto_freeze_time 0+   Amount of time after which stationary players should freeze automatically. 0 disables automatic freezing
ph_guaranteed_ct_turns 1+   Number of turns after which seekers might be switched to the hiders’ side
ph_knifespeed 0.0+   Running speed when holding a knife (multiplier)
ph_limitspec 0-2   Who dead players are allowed to spectate – 0: Anyone, 1: Own team only, 2: CT only
ph_include_default_models on/off   0: Include default models when one for current map doesn’t exist, 1: Always include default models
ph_force_periodic_whistle 0+   Periodically, every x seconds, force a random hider to whistle – 0: disable periodic whistles.
ph_periodic_whistle_delay 0+   Number of seconds for the first periodic whistle, if they are enabled.
ph_turns_to_scramble 0+   Scramble teams every x turns. 0: disable scrambling. Disables the /ct command if enabled.

not in any release, but included in latest commit:

ph_categorize_models on/off Enable splitting the model menu into categories.
ph_default_category String If categories are enabled, uncategorized models are put under this category.


Protected Server Cvars

There are a number of cvars that are “protected”, that is, the server enforces their values to ensure fluid gameplay.

mp_flashlight                       0
sv_footsteps                        0
mp_limitteams                       0
mp_autoteambalance                  0
mp_freezetime                       0
sv_nonemesis                        1
sv_nomvp                            1
sv_nostats                          1
mp_playerid                         1
sv_allowminmodels                   0
sv_turbophysics                     1
mp_teams_unbalance_limit            0
mp_show_voice_icons                 0
spec_freeze_time                    -1
mp_default_team_winner_no_objective 3   // might be removed



This plugin has been tested (and built) on Metamod:Source 1.10.6 and SourceMod 1.7.3, so go and install those if you haven’t already. Earlier versions might work, I wouldn’t know, but definitely don’t count on it.

If you download this project zipped, just extract everything to your server’s CS:GO install dir. If not… just make sure the following files are in correct place:

  • addons/sourcemod/plugins/prophunt.smx
  • addons/sourcemod/configs/prophunt/default.cfg
  • addons/sourcemod/translations/plugin.prophunt.txt
  • sound/prophunt/ and all the files inside.

If everything seems to be in order, go and fire up the server! A config file should have been generated in
cfg/sourcemod/plugin.prophunt.cfg. Edit it as you see fit and restart your server to see the changes.


Configuring model lists

You may specify what models are available in each map. There is also a special default listing, which will be applied to all maps in addition to the map-specific listings (will be further configurable in the future).

For example, if you want to make a listing for, say, de_inferno, you would make a file de_inferno.cfg in
addons/sourcemod/configs/prophunt/. The default file is located in that same folder, and is named default.cfg.

All listing should obey the following format:

    <model-path>  <model-nickname>

for example:

    "props_c17\oildrum001"          "Oil Drum"
    "props\de_dust\grainbasket01a"  "Grain Basket (closed)"

To add props yourself you will need to find out the paths. I used the Hammer editor (CS:GO SDK) to get the few that you can find in
default.cfg and
de_dust2.cfg. I’d appreciate if you shared your listings with me so I can update mine.

IMPORTANT! Always specify the model paths using backslashes (\) ! Forward slashes do not work, and will most likely invalidate the whole file.



You can also specify model list includes. Including works by specifying model list files inside an
#include section, like so:

    "#include" {
        "signs.cfg" {
            "recurse" "yes"

Includes are relative to addons/sourcemod/configs/prophunt/maps/, so if you had a file signs.cfg in the maps folder, you would only write signs.cfg in the #include section, like in the example above.

The recurse key specifies whether or not includes in the included file should be included as well. Valid values are yes and no.



Not in any release, but included in the latest commit.

If enabled (see ph_categorize_models), models can be categorized and split among multiple menus. This may be beneficial if there are a lot of models. Categories are defined like so:

    "Category A" {
        "props_c17\oildrum001"          "Oil Drum"
        "props\de_dust\grainbasket01a"  "Grain Basket (closed)"
    "Category B" {
        "props\de_dust\grainbasket01b"  "Grain Basket (opened)"

Any models that are not in a category will be put under the default category (see ph_default_category).


Configuring whistles

Custom whistles may be specified by modifying addons/sourcemod/configs/whistles.cfg. To add a whistle, simply specify its path on a new line. The paths of the whistles should be relative to the sound directory (in the root directory of your CS:GO installation), so that if you had the sound file sound/awesome/brilliant.mp3, you would specify it just as awesome/brilliant.mp3.

Additionally, only mp3 sound files seem work, except if they are in-game sounds. You can find the paths to in-game sounds from files such as game_sounds.txtgame_sounds_ambient_generic.txt, etc., which are located in scripts folder in your CS:GO installation’s root folder.

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