CS:GO Sm_Hosties v2 Jailbreak Mod Plugin

CS:GO Sm_Hosties v2 Jailbreak Mod Plugin

This is a re-write of SM_Hosties v1.x from dataviruset. This allows support for multiple LRs occuring simultaneously as well as a plethora of additional last request games and new cvars for the most customizable Hosties yet. It opens up a new API for plugin developers to ask questions like if a player is a rebel as well as the ability to add third party last request games for each server independent of the Hosties plugin.


  • 33 Last Request Games included as default
    • Drunken Boxing
    • Most Jumps
    • Farthest Jump
    • Brink of Death
    • Race
    • Russian Roulette
    • Rebel
    • Low-Grav Knife Fight
    • Hi-Speed Knife Fight
    • Third Person Knife Fight
    • Drugged Knife Fight
    • Vintage (Normal) Knife Fight
    • Rock Paper Scissors
    • NoScope with any scoped weapon (4 choices)
    • Dodgeball
    • Hot Potato
    • Chicken Fight
    • Shot4Shot with any pistol (6 choices for CS:S, 7 for CS:GO)
    • Mag4Mag with any pistol (6 choices for CS:S, 7 for CS:GO)
    • Gun Toss
  • Third-party plugins for Custom Lastrequests
  • Check Players Command
  • Freekill Detection & Prevention
  • Game Description Override
  • Mute System with BaseComm Integration
  • No Block
  • Rules Command
  • Starting Weapons Payloads for CT & T
  • Round End Team Overlays

General Chat Commands:

  • !rules
  • !lastrequest (also: !lr)
  • !checkplayers


Admin Commands:

  • !stoplr (also: !abortlr and !cancellr): Requires slay admin flag and will abort any and all active last requests.



  • SourceMod 1.7.0+

Automatic Install Instructions:

  • The easiest way to install SM_Hosties v2 is this:
    • Be sure that your server meets the requirements for SM_Hosties v2 (see above)
    • Scroll down a bit on this page and download the ZIP file attached to this post (or from the mirror)
    • Extract all files from the ZIP file into the cstrike folder of your server (all directories should match up with the folders in the ZIP file)
    • Restart your server or let it change map
    • Configure settings in cfg/sourcemod/sm_hosties2.cfg
    • Done!
  • Manual Install Instructions: NOTE: Do not compile any individual file such as lastrequest.sp in the hosties/ directory, compiling sm_hosties.sp will include these files. If you’d like only lastrequest.sp then that is a separate discussion.
    • Copy all files in the scripting/hosties/ directory to addons/sourcemod/scripting/hosties/
    • Copy all files in the translation/ directory to addons/sourcemod/translations/
    • Copy the hosties.inc and lastrequest.inc files to addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/
    • Download sourcebans.inc, emitsoundany.inc and SteamWorks.inc from the links above and put them in addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/
    • Copy lastrequest_shotgunwars.sp, lastrequest_fruitninja.sp and sm_hosties.sp to addons/sourcemod/scripting/
    • If you are going to compile lastrequest_fruitninja, check that you have SMLIB in the include folder (all versions of SM_Hosties don’t have it bundled), otherwise download it and put the include files in the addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/ folder.
    • Compile sm_hosties, lastrequest_shotgunwars and lastrequest_fruitninja and move SMX files to addons/sourcemod/plugins/
    • Run plugin for the first time and configure settings in cfg/sourcemod/sm_hosties2.cfg

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