CS:GO Smlib

CS:GO Smlib


SMLib is a collection of over 300 function stocks for sourcemod written by the basic principle that every line of code should only exist one time.
In the past I’ve catched myself reinventing the wheel again and again and again in every plugin I wrote. That’s why I started – together with Chanz – writing on a set of stock include files, with the aim to write reusable code I can call everywhere. The code of our plugins should be as easily readable as a book.
After many months of writing dozen of sourcemod plugins and hundred of functions this is what came out.

Note: some functions have been written but not tested yet, so please report any bugs & errors here.
Protobuf support was added to the master branch on GIT (Sourcemod 1.5).

Feel free to add or suggest new functions for smlib in this thread.
I’ll try to add it to smlib then.


Simply extract the contents of this zip file into your sourcemod folder.
Then add #include <smlib> at the top of your sm plugin file and you are done.
Documentation of the Functions can be found below or inside the .inc files, but we will also put online a dynamic Javascript API-Reference later.


  • Add support for own include files to the Web IDE
  • Dynamic Javascript-API Page
  • Add template files for editors to smlib.
  • Add Chanz’s plugin manager to smlib.

[button url=”https://github.com/bcserv/smlib/archive/master.zip”]Download[/button]

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